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Select List of Completed Projects

*Projects marked with an asterisk were done during Nick Montalto's period of
association with the International Institute of New Jersey

Edited a report on skilled immigrant integration in the State of Washington

Prepared a report for the State of New Jersey on the workforce needs of immigrants

Prepared a report on the relationship between cultural competency and immigrant integration

Prepared a report on the needs and characteristics of Asian American immigrants in a major urban area

Analyzed immigrant and minority access to disability services in Pennsylvania and
produced a report and set of recommendations for consideration by policy makers and practitioners.

Helped to build a state coalition in support of immigration reform for a major human relations organization.

Produced a strategic plan for a national demonstration project to improve language access in the justice system.

Prepared a strategic plan for a major university to develop a policy and research center on immigration.

Organized focus groups for a major study on the impact of immigration on public transit
Researched, wrote, and disseminated a report on immigrant policy issues in the State of New Jersey.
Secured grant funding for an advocacy project to work on immigrant K-12 educational issues.
Wrote a policy paper on immigrant adult education issues for a professional association of adult educators. 
Assisted a regional association of grantmakers to analyze the potential for collaborative grantmaking on immigration issues.

*Conducted and published an immigrant community needs assessment for a local United Way.

Helped a nonprofit human relations organization develop capacity to work on issues of immigration.

Organized symposia for a major university on critical issues involved in immigrant integration.

*Produced a county ethnic group directory.

*Developed a large, state-wide community interpreter program.

*Developed and disseminated resource guides for immigrants in 12 languages.

*Conceived and developed one of the first AmeriCorps programs in the nation designed to promote immigrant integration.

*Established one of the first cross-cultural mental health programs to serve immigrants and refugees in the United States.

*Developed a state anti-human trafficking coalition and training program.

*Provided training and support for the formation and development of refugee mutual assistance associations.